Friday, 31 December 2010

The DG

Ok, so I will explain the whole DG thing.

When Mr & Mrs M first became friends with the McC's (neighbours in the UK and France!) there was much talk about how similar that I was with one of their daughters, Polly.

This included things like being mistaken walking down the street to the house and the parents on both sides getting confuddled as to which one of us was (slightly easier as Polly has been in Aus for the last year or so!). Another thing was the McC's going into our place in France and asking why there were pictures of Polly on our walls - Mrs M had to point out that it was me!

When this first started we both shyed away from meeting up for a while and after about 6mths, I think, we first met in a restaurant in France where we sat at the end of the table and drank a bottle of rose together. It was quite weird for us both and we both backed off from it but in November last year we went out for a drink in London and both realised it was like talking to ourselves in the mirror, we have so many similar gestures and life experiences it is genuinely spooky!

Since then we have spent more time together and she has very kindly agreed for me to stay with her for the foreseeable future when I get to Australia at the end of Feb.

For those that want to see it, this is us in Brisbane in October - after a few drinkages!

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