Tuesday, 21 December 2010

That was definitely a whoops weekend...

So Friday night was fun, works do...some surprises, others not so much of a surprise. Blenheim was beautiful, food was great and the company wasn't so bad :o) For everything that has lead me to making all the recent changes in my life and leave the current company I work for I am going to miss the fun times that I have had over the last 3.5 years. It was a lovely way to say goodbye to some of the guys who I might not see again before I leave. Had a bit of a fuzzy head on Sunday morning, well maybe banging headache is more appropriate so the normal trick...2 paracetamol, 1 pint of squash and go back to sleep...2 hrs later woke up feeling much better so got up and headed to London. I was super lucky as was able to leave just before the sonw started!

Once in London I met up with the DG for lunch which finished at about 11pm with me very drunk watching the strictly final before being a little unwell and heading to bed. I was meant to be meeting the lovely Fran as well but we have had to rain check due to the crappy weather. It was however a really lovely day and we ended up have a real giggle...bring on Brisbane!! Provisional plans in place and now the last big thing to sort out is my flight...

So with another fuzzy head on Sunday I braced myself for the pre-Christmas meal with "da family!". Was a lovely day although I think quite a few of us were a little bit jaded. Got a couple of pressies which is always nice and am now looking forward to proper Christmas in France...just have to get there...lets hope the stupid snow holds off so I can make it out on Friday.

Few more bits to do before Friday comes around and no SW tonight so have no idea of the impact my boozy weekend has had on the plan...not going to find out til after Christmas now!

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