Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Weekends a coming...

When I got back from Australia at the end of October I saw pictures of me in a bikini and decided things needed to change if I was going back for a year so I have joined Slimming World. ?The first week was good and lost 2lbs (yay!), 2nd week I "maintained" as they term it (basically didn't lose didn't gain) so I really want to get the weight loss kickstarted before going away for Xmas as need to have my head round it...this might not work as I have got a super busy weekend coming up and I am not sure the the SW diet is going to make it!

On Friday night, as previously mentioned, I have my works Xmas do. It will be a fine affair at Blenheim Palace - posh eh! - and I am 95% certain what I am going to wear so am on a headstart with that one. However they have the most lovely wine I have tasted which just can't be ruined by making it into a spritzer! I am pretty certain the food is going to be divine in all its fatty gorgeousness as well so I think I might have to count that as my whoops night!

On Saturday morning, once recovered from Friday, will be heading up to London to meet up with the lovely DG (I will explain this at some point!) for a catch up over lunch and to talk about next year (she lives in Brisbane and I will hopefully will be staying with her for a while whilst I settle in but that is all to be discussed!). This is again pretty certain to involve alcohol of some form or another! Then Sat evening I will be heading to Wimbledon to meet up with another lovely friend - Fran - for a pre-Xmas catch up...again probably involving dinner and wine! I am going to have to be very careful with what I am actually eating so that I can count the vino as "Syns" and limit the damage.

And finally on Sunday it is early Xmas meal with the family as my sister, her husband and their children are in the UK for Xmas this year so we won't get to see them on Xmas day :o(. This one hopefully shouldn't be too bad as I am guessing the idea of alcohol isn't going to sit very well and the food is Mum cooked so will be nice and healthy.

It will give me 2 days when I get back of basically eating nothing and doing a lot of praying to every entity that people believe in to hope that I have lost some weight this week.

I need everyone (or the 4/5 people that read this currently) to keep their fingers crossed for me and I will let you know next week how it went.

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