Sunday, 12 December 2010

Re-inforcements came, they saw, we conquered the first room!

So Mrs M came down on Friday night, we went for dinner and to see the new Harry Potter movie. It was good, a few jumpy bits, one major fit of giggles in the middle for us both over nothing in particular and a generally enjoyable evening. We came home had a bit of a chat and came up with a plan for attacking my office/third bedroom/dumping ground for a hell of a lot of crap that I have kept since I moved in over 5 years ago!

Early start on Saturday and we commenced with the mass declutter....the whole room was emptied into my sitting room...didn't realise I had so much rubbish! We then started to go through all the stuff and decide what would be kept, what could be tipped and what was going to the charity shop. About five hours later and a tiny little strop on my part (got a bit overwhelmed by the whole boxing up life to head to another country thing!) we had broken the back of the room and it now is ready for people to stay over Xmas and also is nice and sorted for packing stuff up when it comes to the time to go.

Did have one slight problem though, my washing machine has decided to stop the middle of a wash grrrrr. Not amused as had only got half my weekly washing done and so still have my colours that need to be sorted. Very luckily I managed to find a repair man that can come round tomorrow to fix it so hopefully all should be in working order again soon!

Anyway as thrilling as this is I am going off to continue the sorting of the house, 1 room down, 7 more to go (plus all the crap from room 1 that is now sitting in room 7!)

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