Wednesday, 8 December 2010


So, my first blog....what to say!

I am 30 years old and have spent the majority of my life either in education or work. Following a tough 18mths of general life stuff I finally went on my trip of a lifetime in October 2010 to Australia. I was there for just over three weeks and absolutely adored it, met some amazing people, did some things that were completely out of my comfort zone and for the first time in quite a while could genuinely say I was a happy bunny. When I got back to the UK this feeling lasted for approximately 48 hours and then real life kicked in and I knew that things had to change and in all honesty that it was time for me to do something a little bit drastic - well for me anyway!

So, having worked out that I could sort everything out in the UK and actually (in my sisters words) JFDI I applied for my working holiday visa in Australia. I had it approved after about 2 days and I resigned the morning I recived the email saying I could go. My last working day is on January 28th and now whilst I wind down in my job I have got to also start the process of packing up my house and preparing for leaving everything I know and heading back to the land down under. Well not quite everything as my lovely DG lives in Brisbane so there is a little bit of home over there already! Looking at heading over in March probably but the final date is yet to be set!

So this blog is going to basically be about my adventures over the next 12 months or so of getting ready to go, actually going and the things I get up to whilst I am away....think of it as an on-going postcard, I just hope you enjoy the read!



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