Friday, 10 December 2010

Here come the re-inforcements!!

So Mrs M is on her way to Buckingham tonight to help me start the mighty tidy/box up. We are of course going to go out for dinner and a movie first to motivate ourselves!!

Mr M is away for work otherwise he would have been roped in to help as well....I grow the weeds in my garden especially for him, honestly I do!

We are going to start on the house tomorrow morning after a hearty breakfast but there may need to be an emergency shopping trip depending on what I have in my wardrobe for next weeks Xmas works do...wasn't going to go but have been convinced with the lure of a taxi from/to home and the most yummy white wine....mmmmm Jules Taylor...if you can find it try it - sooooooo good!

(BTW Mrs M is my mum and Mr M my step dad!)

1 comment:

  1. so glad you clarified that ;)

    good luck with all that packing - personally, I think I'd have a house sale!