Friday, 31 December 2010

Bye bye 2010..bring on 2011

So I am now back from my holiday over Christmas which was fab.

I made it out on time on Christmas Eve and got up to Mum's place in St Gervais in time for a maHOOsive seafood platter dinner (somewhat of a tradition now) and then a bit too much wine whilst helping Mr M wrap the presents for Mrs M. Woke up a little later than planned on Christmas Day so only had time to open 1 present before heading into St G to get skis/boots etc in the hope that skiing would take place. Then straight up the mountain to have dinner with the DG and her family. See next blog for explanation of the DG. Lots of fun and laughter and yummy food (for most!) we headed on to the baby slope to check to see if I could ski and also for an easy start for my sSisters BF who had only attempted skiing a couple of times before.

The best present I could have had on Christmas this year came true and I was able to ski for the first time in about 4 years....for those that ski there is nothing like bouncing down the mountain and playing in the snow. Now I just have to get my groove back on and get the fitness up again for my return in Feb!

The rest of the holiday ticked on quite nicely and I got back to a lovely bunch of flowers and cards from J's family who had been staying in my house whilst I was away.

And now it is time for the safari new year! Pre-dinner drinks and starter at mine before heading over to H's for main course and desert prepared by K's lovely man. Can't wait...don't know where I will be next year so gotta make the most of this year! Starter is made and chilling in the fridge with the wine so we are good to go.

Its been a year of ups and downs but with so much change in 2011 who can't look forward...

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