Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New beginnings..

So I have finally made it to Australia, I can't quite believe that I am here yet and that I am not going home at any point a bit weird but is also a great feeling of freedom!

The journey was a long old trek...first flight on the beast that is the A380 was awesome although 14 hours and no sleep was a bit of a kicker...I managed to watch 6 films although I don't think that I could tell you which films I watched now! It wasn't too bad though as I had a spare seat next to me so could spread out a bit although sleep evaded me for the whole flight so by the time I arrived in Singapore I was wiped out...managed to stumble across to a shop and buy a bottle of water and a bagel before getting to the gate to wait for the next flight...Flight 2 not so bad as I had a whole row of seats so could stretch out and sleep....I normally can't sleep on flights but that didn't appear to be a problem this time round!

I finally arrived in Brisbane to zip through customs and meet up with the DG and SP who brought me back to my new home for the forseeable future....a nice couple of glasses of vino and then bedfordshire!

Since then I have been trying to limit the jet lag and get the first bits and pieces done...

Mobile phone....check
Bank account....check

now I just get to plan what I am going to do over the next few months before my event course starts in June.

Oh and BTW it is blooming hot!

Love it!

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