Saturday, 19 February 2011

I've got a feeling...

Tonight is my leaving do....aarrgghh I think there will be quite a large number of glasses of alcoholic beverages...might need to be a vodka night to last though!

I leave Buckingham a week tomorrow and fly a week on Monday (staying with Mr and Mrs M for the last night so Mrs M can take me to the airport!).

I have done pretty well so far with the goodbyes, no tears yet but I have a feeling these are all to come as none of the goodbyes have involved the boys that are coming tonight I am sorry now!

I have had a lovely day of clearing out my understairs cupboard today which has involved 2 trips to the tip and 1 to the charity shop and I still have a load of boxes in my sitting room - although I do actually want to keep them! Its a bit weird, as because I am leaving the furniture it doesn't look like I am moving out but there is still quite a lot to do...
  1. Three mornings at work training new person
  2. Finish packing sitting room
  3. Start packing kitchen - argh!
  4. Decide what I am doing with clothes - take, store or charity
  5. Pack
  6. Deliver items to my Mum's house (Thursday afternoon)
  7. Pack van and deliver items to A&JB's garage (Friday)
  8. See Auntie C (this is hopeful depending on how item 7 goes!)

So I am just hoping I can get this all done in time...going to have to really but hey ho...last minute and I go hand in hand.

I basically have 5 days to do this all in as tomorrow is pretty much a write off from leaving do tonight but I might be able to get some packing in....bloody better really!

All very exciting - sooooooo looking forward to going now although don't think it is going to hit me until I actually get there that I am there for a year!

It is SO going to be worth it though!

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