Tuesday, 8 February 2011

3 weeks today....

At this time in approximately 3 weeks I should be (if all goes on time) tucked up in bed in my new Aussie abode! Exciting! Can't believe how quickly it is coming round now!

The next three weeks are going to be rather busy. My diary is as follows:

This week: Pack up the house in preparation for the arrival of Mrs M on Thursday or Friday (still to be confirmed) with the estate car to start moving my stuff down to my grandparents house.

Saturday morning travel to my grandparents house, deliver stuff to garage, take grandparents to aunties to celebrate JB's birthday with the whole family. Spend the night at my Auntie and Uncles house before travelling back to Buck for Sunday lunch with the girls and an evening of putting stuff on Ebay (well maybe I will pre-do this as I know how the sunday lunch normally ends up....messy!)

Monday & Tuesday of next week continue to box up the house, Tuesday afternoon/evening travel down to Chelters to see Dad and sMum for a few days (with a trip to see my Sister and family) then back to Buck for my leaving do on the 19th...recover and breathe on the 20th.

I then have three mornings at my old job training up my replacement when not there I will be completeing the additional packing etc and the related trips to various places to deposit more crap!

Drop car off on the Friday/Saturday to the buyer (all sorted- yay!) and then the last couple of nights in Buck before heading to London on the Sunday for flying out on the 28th....foof this is going to go quickly!

I will be in Australia before you know it! Woohoo...

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