Wednesday, 9 March 2011

To do nothing or to do something...that is todays question!

So I have been here for a little over a week and have done pretty much has been absolutely fantastic although I do feel a bit guilty about my lack of activity!

Its a welcome change to how my life was in the UK and when I think about it even though I officially finished work at the end of January I was then running around boxing up my house, saying goodbye to my peeps and then travelling over here! Maybe taking a couple of weeks to relax and just enjoy the rest isn't so bad!

I wake up when I want to, eat when I want to, pop over to the shopping centre which is near the house for a little meander (and to enjoy the air con!) and I have been into the city for a bit as well. I know at some point that I need to start looking at what I am going to do on a day-to-day basis with regards to work but so far I have just been enjoying planning the year and working out what I am going to do and when.

The first planned bit of travelling is in May when I will be back on the Contiki bus for 11 days travelling from Alice Springs to Darwin (via Ayers Rock/Uluru) and getting a feel for the Northern Territory. I just hope it can match up to how much fun I had on the tour in October! I am sure I will meet some lovely people and who knows I met people on the last tour that I hope will be friends for a good old while...its all about enhancing the old social community after never know when you can go knocking on their door!

I am doing an event management course for 10(ish) weeks in Brisbane starting in June and then I have found a bus ticket that will take me from Brisbane to Adelaide over a 30 day period where I can stop over in places when I want to and move on when I want to (timetable obliging of course!). I think I will probably do this in September and then fingers crossed Mr & Mrs M are coming out November time.

And somewhere in all of that I am hoping to get some work in to help pay for life!

hmmm maybe I shouldn't feel too anxious about not doing is only the first couple of weeks after all!

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  1. do nothing! Life is full of rushing about so make the most of it while you can :)