Friday, 14 January 2011

Bloody boiler

So I have had this whole different blog in my head to day but that all changed when I got home tonight.

For the last three days I have been rudely awoken for the last three days at 6am by a noise that sounds as if the hot water tank in my airing cupboard was about to take off so I knew something needed to be done! Not funny because 1) I am not really a morning person and am especially not good when I get woken up before my alarm and 2) I knew that the radiators needed to be bled but I lost the key (which I found approximately 5 mins before the plumber turned up!)

So I called a plumber earlier today and arranged for him to come round after work and see what could be done. I had the vague hope that he would just need to bleed the radiators but noooooooo why on earth would life be that simple 6 weeks before I leave the country. No, instead the stupid pump has gone, there is a blockage in the system, the water isn't running properly through the radiators and one of the radiators just won't warm up! Typical!

So now instead of a nice and simple quick 5 minute sorting out for free I now have to try and limit the use of my hot water and central heating over the weekend until Monday when I get the pleasure of paying £150 to get a new pump and keep everyting crossed that it will fix the other problems in the system and it isn't going to cost a small fortune.

Bloody plumbing!

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