Monday, 15 August 2011

and on to the next adventure.....

Tomorrow night I am flying to Sydney! Yes I am finally taking a few days off work and going to see a bit more of this beautiful country I am currently calling home!

It has been a busy couple of weeks, my course has come to an end (finally!) and the event I was originally brought in to organise went off without a hitch - actually it was a resounding success with people actually tweeting me to tell me how much they enjoyed the day!

I am waiting on the results from the course but I should know next week what I got - we came 2nd in the presentation by 1 point and the lecturer really liked our idea (slightly borrowed the concept from when I worked at the Meningitis Trust but adapted it to a different charity!) - fingers crossed for the distinction people!

Anyway getting slightly off track so as everything has calmed down a bit and my contract has been extended until mid September I thought I would take a couple of days off - Wednesday is the city based public holiday for the Ekka (big old agricultural show/fair type thing happening this week in Brisbane) so I added some rec leave on the end to have a nice long weekend. I was originally going to just take some time and catch up on sleep but then I changed my mind and booked a flight to Sydney and a 4 night stay at the Sydney Central YHA! Who needs sleep?!?!

I am a little nervous as I am off on my own but I am sure (fingers crossed again people!) that I will meet some lovely people and will have a fab time. I am hopefully meeting up with the lovely Mia from the NT tour at some point and will see how the rest of the stay takes me!

I have one thing planned and the rest I will organise when I get there. I fly out tomorrow after work and get into Sydney at about 10pm go straight to the YHA and then the next day I am off on a wine tour around the Hunter Valley. It mentioned chocolate and fudge as being part of the tour so I was sold! - oh who am I kidding, it mentioned wine and I was in!

I am flying back to either the Gold Coast or Brisbane on Saturday - still to be determined as am waiting to hear if a group of us are going to be staying in Coolangatta on Saturday night for a chilled evening with a few (!) glasses of wine!

I am bound to have lots of photos to show when I get back so keep an eye out!

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