Friday, 15 July 2011


So I know I haven't been blogging much lately, not a massive amount to say to be honest!! I am either working, studying or sleeping (or at least that is what it is feeling a bit like at the moment!).

I am currently doing a night course 2 nights a week in Event Management. Thought I would do a little bit of professional development whilst I am over here, and the networking opportunities were a pull as well for the Brisbane event scene! As much as I am enjoying it, I will be very glad to be finished in a few weeks and can get back to a normal life with no 14 hour days!

The course has been okay so far, I am really looking forward to the PR modules (although they have been moved because the original lecturer couldn't do it any more!). It was something I wanted to study as part of my marketing/events degree but couldn't because it clashed - explain that one if you can!!

I am working with a good group of people from varied backgrounds and I hope that we do well in the pitch presentation we have in a few weeks time. I also have an exam (first one in years) although it is multiple choice so I am hoping I will be okay! Anyway come the middle of August I will have a Diploma in Event Management after my name to go along with my degree. I know it sounds backwards but the degree was super early in the educational scheme of things!

Aside from that I have also started a new job. I am now working for Smart Service Queensland (another Gov agency - yay!) organising a conference for 200 people on social media and how it can be used for the Government.

Its a great team and we have lots of giggles and fun (and lots of morning/afternoon teas!) and I am really enjoying it, the contract runs until mid August at the moment and then I am back into the world of agency temping until Mr & Mrs M come over in November for a month.

And the best bit, I am waiting to hear on a job with the Australian Open Tennis - there have only been 2000 applications so I am sure I will walk it! Three month contract - yes please!!

Anyhoo, I really need to get my act together and get over to the gym (another addition to my weekly activities) but am struggling this morning after a lovely night catching up with Renee and Melissa - beautiful dinner, beautiful view of the city and beautiful company!

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