Sunday, 12 June 2011

Territory and Outback - Litchfield & Darwin

So our last 2 days of tour - we got up bright and early and jumped on the bus and headed off to Litchfield National Park to see the termite mounds....I know it sounds weird but they were cool - 2 types of mounds can be found here - cathedral (or castle - can't remember!) and gravestone - I will let you figure out which is which!!

It was a very quick stop before getting back on the bus and heading to the beautiful Florence Falls for a swim in the lovely cool water and watching the boys climb and jump off like the crazy fools that they are!

A quick bite to eat and then back on the bus to head towards Darwin with a quick stop to make a small purchase..

(which is now safely installed in Mr & Mrs M's house in London!) before getting to our lovely hotel and preparing for our night out of general drunken debauchary (and a slightly moody half an hour from me because I didn't want the tour to end!). It all started so well and then ended up as a bit of a sweaty mess!!

Next morning it was up and off to a museum and a quick city tour of Darwin before heading out to get some lovely shots looking over the bay...

Then back into town and it was a fond farewell for some, whilst others disappeared without a trace! Caroline and I then pretty much walked the city before heading back to the hotel to meet up with the remaining crew to head out for dinner and say our goodbyes.

Contiki Territory & Outback it was a pleasure (and an experience) to spend 2 weeks with you guys and I have very fond memories that are going to last a lifetime! That bloomin swag is definitely one of them!!

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