Sunday, 12 June 2011

Territory and Outback - Kakadu National Park

So I need to finish off the blogs about the NT Tour, been crazy busy with work but will fill you in on that one later!

Last time I blogged we had arrived in Kakadu at the lovely Aurora Kakadu South Alligator Hotel and had hit the hay for the night after getting the boys to remove the dead frog from our room...I really need to learn to

The following morning we got up and headed off the first of 2 cultural centres that day. The first was the Bowali Visitor Centre and mainly focused on the flora/fauna of the area and after we had spent some time here it was back on the bus for a short ride before another hike to see some aboriginal art work in situ.

It was great to see the real thing on the rocks and get a better understanding of what the different art stands for. I have probably said this before (but I can't remember and can't be bothered to go back through the blog!) but we only ever get the children's version of the aboriginal stories as the elders of the traditional people don't communicate the full stories to many people. It is still fab to see it in real life though - amazing that it has lasted so long!!

A few pics from the art near Namanjolg's Feather - Daberrg...

I can't remember which way round it was but I think we then headed to the Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre for more information on the local area and the importance of it to the locals. It was then back on the bus and off for lunch at a hotel before our fab crocodile cruise around Yellow Waters.

We saw quite a few crocs on the cruise as well as seeing the amazing wetlands that they live in. The ones we saw were pretty much sunbathing and we learnt information about them from the guide such as they can't open their mouths very quickly so they tend to sit in wait with their mouths open ready to snap at anything that might get too was not going to be me!! One of the crocs was maHOOsive and we could only see half of him half his body and tail was underwater and the guide reckoned he was a good 4m long...eek!

Pictures of the beasts and the birds that inhabit the Yellow Waters area...

After the croc cruise we headed back to the hotel for a chilled night in the hotel and a dip in the pool...which whilst hanging around we were all fairly surprised but pleased to see a kangaroo hop through the garden area of the hotel (didn't have my camera on me). Another lovely dinner of caesar salad (with a cold poached egg which I still don't understand!) and then off to bed as another early start in the morning as we headed on the final leg of our journey to Darwin.

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