Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I've lost that blogging feeling

So I have officially lost that blogging feeling so I think after this one that's it! I am coming to the end of my year now and heading back to the UK so maybe it all fits perfectly together....all my stuff is on FB anyway!

I leave Australia a week today, in fact I wil be in Christchurch in a week praying for no earthquakes! I then join a contiki tour of New Zealand for a couple of weeks going all over both islands....disappointingly not stopping in the Marlborough region as far as I am aware :o( but I am sure I will cope with jus drinks NZ wine whilst I am there!

I then have a couple of days in Auckland where I will mostly be doing touristy things like going to e zoo etc before I fly to LA on the 11th March. I am then meeting up with the lovely Paula who I met on my first contiki in Oct 2010 and we will celebrate my birthday together before we both do another contiki tour going round California, arizona, Nevada and then back to LA. very excited about tis one as it includes the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and skiing in Lake Tahoe! Woop woop!

I then say goodbye to the lovely Paula as she heads back to the UK and I head up to Canada to see the awesome Erin in Calgary. Can't Wait for a good old catch up and a glass of wine wit her and the lovely Nicole! Going to be amazing! I am there for a week and have no idea what they are planning so going to be fab to get there and find out what I am doing!

After a week n Calgary I jump on another plane and fly to Toronto to see Caroline and Matty from my NT tour, again I can't wait to see them and find out what has beeping on in their lives. As much as I am looking forward to seeing the places I am travelling I am most excited about Canada and catching up with my peeps who I haven't seen in ages! They again are planning my week so will find out the plan once I get there!

And then after leaving Aus on Feb 22 I will finally make it home on Aprl 12 to see the family and specifically the new additions to the family. My sSister has had twin girls last week Audi can't wait to meet them. Plus my cousin is due on 17 April so eve more babies....exciting times!

Right that is the plan and this is me signing off blogging! Hope you have enjoyed my tales from the other side of the world and pictures from the future travels will be on FB


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