Thursday, 19 May 2011

Territory and Outback - Yalara

For those of you don’t know, Yalara is the name of the purpose built resort near Uluru and Kata Tjuta and we were there with the tour for about 3 days I think.

On the bus journey from Kings Canyon to Yalara we all got very excited when we saw this out of the window...

This is Mt Connor (aka Fuluru). It is bigger than Uluru (but not taller) and is also has the flat top that you can see in the photo. It is also currently not available to the public as it is on private property so this was as close as we got....saying that on the other side of nowhere were these beautiful salt lakes...

We stopped here for a little bit to take pictures but mostly to stretch the legs from being sat on the bus and not sleeping because of the evil swag!

Anyway we journeyed onwards towards Yalara where we stopped for lunch and I was finally able to buy a belt having forgotten to pack always forget something don’t you! So quick Pizza stop and very little conversation because we were all pretty much zombies and then onwards to our “bed in a box” as Justine described it! The roomies were together again so me, Caroline, Andie and Lou all got to the room and chilled for a little bit before most of us headed back down to the bus to go to a cultural centre and have a look at Kata Tjuta. Caroline made the decision to kick back and chill at the resort...a worthy call me thinks! We look pretty good for little amount of sleep me thinks!

We walked the Valley of the Winds which is one of the few walks you can actually do at Kata Tjuta because it is not fully open to the fact Aboriginal women of certain groups aren’t even allowed to look at it (I think that is what they said!). It was only a short walk which I was very pleased about because my rubbish ankles were playing up...not too badly but I am guessing the canyon hike and this one weren’t great for it as they weren’t exactly flat ground! are some pictures from inside Kata Tjuta....

We then went back to the resort for a free night where we had probably my favourite meal of the whole tour. Cook your own Kangaroo! It was great you went up to a counter and picked what meat you wanted and then you bbq’d it yourself....I have no photos because I left my brain in the room when I came to dinner....tiredness had properly kicked in! I need to wait for everyone to put theirs up on FB! So after dinner we (the roomies) decided it was time for bed so we all went back and got ourselves ready for some sleeping...when talking about the time and convinced it was at least 9pm which was semi-reasonable to go to bed we sadly discovered that we were all mistaken and it was in fact only 8.20pm...we know how to live! My excuse is having to be up super early the next day for sunrise at Uluru.

We got up bright and early...all feeling much better for the first of a few Grannie nights and headed down to the bus where we headed into the national park. The reason we were up before most other people was to be the first bus to arrive at the viewing point which was fab as we got a great spot and some great shots....

So once the sun had risen we then went to another visitors centre and read about the history and meaning of Uluru. With a specific request to read up why they don’t like people to climb it....luckily for us (not that I would have even attempted it) it was closed so base walk it was!! Now the base walk is normally about 9.6km but according to Toronto Matt we walked further because the trails we were on were further out and the ones nearer the Rock were closed. I don’t know – all I know is it took us about 2.5hrs to walk round it and I had to have my ankle strapped because it was getting really rather sore and I didn’t want to risk was a classy look but worth it...

Again I have no photos as I hadn’t charged my camera so it ran out at the end of the sunrise so no base walk shots....sorry! Check FB in about a month and there will probably be some of me tagged!

Anyhoo back to the hotel we went and a quick bite of very delicious lunch and then off I went for my helicopter tour of Uluru and Kata Tjuta. It was fab...there weren’t many optional activities on this tour so I thought what the heck! It was great if a little bumpy)!! So here are some aerial shots.

So once back at the resort it was off to the box to get all glammed up for a Champagne Sunset at much fun although I think we kind of forgot about the rock...although this was the only time we got a picture with all the tour people as Andie was leaving us the following day :o( Oh and to say we disturbed the peace adn serenity for all the people with their tablecloths and proper glasses is an understatement!

Then back on the bus and heading back to the resort for a party at the viewing platform by the hotel and lots of dancing at the bar! It was a good night!

Next morning it was time to say goodbye to Andie and journey back to Alice Springs....most people were feeling a little jaded but we managed one last roomie shot before we went!

That was a bit longer than I expected it to be but we saw a lot in 3 days....hope you enjoyed it!

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