Saturday, 9 April 2011


So it is exciting times....I had written a blog about how not a lot had been happening which was why I hadn't posted anything but I couldn't publish it....clearly the universe knew better than me that something was going to happen!!! I will give you the back dated story and then get to the exciting news (that you have probably already seen on FB but will tell you more about it!).

So since I got back from Moreton Bay I have registered with a couple of recruitment agencies to start the temporary work search. I quite quickly got an 8 day contract with an Insurance company covering someone in their admin dept's holiday. Basic word admin - nice and simple, no stress - not a huge amount to do but if they are going to pay me to read my book then that was there call! Met a really lovely girl (R) who was working there on a long term temp contract (that makes no sense I realise - they keep extending the contract) and we went out for post-work drinks on the Friday and I stumbled home at 11.30pm rather inebriated (if that is how you spell it) - in my defence the cosmopolitans were on a deal for happy hour - 2 for $11 when they are normally $18 dollars for 1! Yeah alcohol is stupid expensive over here!

Anyway, the following week I finished off my 8 days and had the Thurs & Fri off - just as well really as I had picked up a bug from the air con and felt rubbish so was able to relax and chill out etc before we headed up to Murgen, which is where SP's parents live, for the weekend. It’s about 4 hours away from Brisbane and we had a nice chilled weekend. I have never seen the night sky look so amazing as out there - so clear and beautiful - twas lovely!

We got back Sunday afternoon and on the Monday I had an interview with another agency to register with them. With no work planned I was a little anxious to get something and then one of the agencies called and got me some data inputting work. So I have been doing that all week.

Then on Friday I found out I got an Event Co-ordinator position that I had gone for, 2 mth contract, fab pay, working on events to reward the QLD disaster heroes all over QLD. It’s going to be a fab job. I didn't expect to get it because I am away for the first couple of weeks of May and also a couple of the event dates (there are 9 I think) are on the same night as my course that starts in the beginning of June so there were a lot of no's to it BUT they want me anyway - I am so thrilled!!!

I had Friday night cocktails with DG, R and one of her friends last night in celebration - well it would be rude not to, wouldn't it?


  1. Great news about the job - you are the perfect person for it. Glad you are exploring the cocktails down under, what are the margaritas like?

  2. Thanks.

    Have been sampling the Cosmopolitans as they were on deal....trying to find somewhere that does a margarita that doesn't break the bank balance!!